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MASTERING your Mind & your Postures

POSTURE workshop series will help you learn, integrate and feel the effectiveness and benefits of a series of Hatha postures. We will journey through the safe technique, foundation, alignment, benefits, and energetic elements of postures. All workshops include an opening chant and  warm-up before we move into the technical guidance, demonstrations and practise. We will close all workshops with guided relaxation, sound therapy and a short meditation to finish.

PHILOSOPHY, MIND AND MEDITATION workshops will aim to educate, uplift and inspire. We will explore and discuss many ancient pearls of wisdom to guide and enhance our daily lives.

ANATOMY workshops aim to educate inspire and help you gain insight into all the body systems used in yoga postures circulation, respiration, nervous system, muscles, and the energy systems (Chakras & Koshas).


Thurs Feb 14th

8am - 930am- Mastering Warriors & Balance Postures - $30

10.30am - 1230pm - Learn the Sanskrit language for Yoga postures - $40

Friday Feb 15th

8am - 930am - Mastering Warriors & Balance Postures - $30

130pm - 330pm - Dr Rama Prasad : ELEMENTS & your Body Type FREE

Sat Feb 16th

10am - 12.00pm - Learn the Sanskrit language for Yoga postures -$40

2am - 330pm - YIN deep release + Sound therapy healing - $30

Sat 16th March

1030am - 1230pm Ayurveda Workshop - Dosha types and characteristics. Best Foods for each Dosha. Ayurvedic remedies to support immunity; hormonal balance, gut health, optimal weight - $40

130pm - 330pm - Sound Bath of Crystal Bowls with Jeremy Hall - $40


Later Event: March 23
I AM the LIGHT of my SOUL