Ange Simson

Ange Simson

Ange Simson 

Dear Madonna,  

You’ve been in my life since I was a tiny little human, teaching my mum aerobics with the two of you in lycra dancing around while I sat in the creche and played.  I’ve been in and out of yours as you have been mine, but you’ve always left your mark on me, either in me walking away smelling like a new essential oil or the feeling of relaxation from a yin class filled with your signature style of relaxation.  

It wasn’t about the flexibility, it was about doing this not only for how I could help others but how it helped me.  Because Yoga isn’t about the movements, it’s about how we show up in life and as I told you on our last day, what’s happening in my life is always reflected on my mat.  Whatever I was feeling in life was amplified in my practice.  If I felt unsure, I wobbled.  If I felt flakey I wouldn’t focus on technique.  But when I felt strong, I stood tall and when I was grounded in my choices you couldn’t push my over with any amount of might because I was strong.  

Yoga taught me how to go within again.  Yoga taught me to focus on myself again.  And not only was it good for me as a mother, it was beneficial to my family because of who I became through my training.  

You gave me this gift, you help me and supported me, intuitively knowing what I needed.
Thank you for giving me that Yoga Retreat feeling in my everyday life!

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Sarah Chalkley 

My Yoga Teacher Training experience has been a journey to greater self awareness - inspiring more discipline -  eating better, sleeping better, daily meditation, greater self care and finding more inner quiet and calm. It couldn't have come at a better time - a firm reminder to slow down, to be still and quieten the mind. An amazing opportunity to surround myself with like minded souls who are equally on a journey of self growth, learning and discovery.

My eyes were being opened as we learnt yoga anatomy and philosophy. Yoga for me has never been just about the physical - it is reawakening in me my deep inner interest in philosophy and history and my desire to spend more time in eastern cultures.

I am learning more and more about my own self esteem, my own abilities and the power to heal and love myself. It is a course that could see me change the nature and focus of my work away from busy corporate life to something more gentle and meaningful. In the meantime it is offering me awareness of the need to change, grow and relearn so that one day I may dedicate more time to helping others through yoga and mindfulness.

I am so grateful for this opportunity - I don't want it to end. The caring, authentic and thorough guidance from Madonna and Alysa is so compelling and nurturing. And I am so appreciative of the friendship and care of the beautiful, wise and gentle souls in my class. I feel so lucky and so grateful for this wonderful, loving and fulfilling experience.

Adrienne Kenafake

Adrienne Kenafake

Adrienne Kenafake

For 5 years i have considered studying to become a yoga teacher. Thanks to Zen soul life and the passionate teachings of Madonna and Alysa the dream is becoming  reality! From day one the whole experience has felt like coming home to a house that was always waiting. Open arms. welcoming and warmhearted. 

The yogic teachings, practical and theoretical, have been absolutely fascinating and empowering, delivered in a truly nurturing environment. This TT has taught me so much about what it means to truly embody yoga and what it feels like to truly belong. I am so thankful for the deep connection and loving friendships formed within the TT tribe. The love and support from my fellow trainees and our incredible teachers has literally changed my life.

This journey has been transformational, emotional, challenging and intense but so worth it as I feel I have found my place in the world - on a mat - helping others feel good :)