Teacher Training Support 2018 

Messages + Details to support Yoga teacher Trainees in between training sessions. 


Day One 

One more sleep!

- Yoga Mat
- Water Bottle
- Breakfast + Lunch
Cafes down the road.
Fridge, stove + kettle in studio kitchen if required. 
- Pens that work :) Bring spares in case. 
- Notepad or laptop - You will also receive manuals you can add notes to. Its up to you how you would like to record notes. 
- Journal dedicated to your Teacher Training - not compulsory for tomorrow but grab one in the next few days

Looking forward to seeing you. Its a very small group of very beautiful humans! I'm excited!


Day Two 

DAY 2 💜


JOURNAL - Connection :)

Thanks for another amazing Day! So much covered today thanks to your focus and enthusiasm.

Please file the timetables attached (Day 1 + 2) for your records. (re topics covered).

ALSO please see this updated list below for LIFESTYLE support.

Remember this is optional based on how you FEEL. If you need to improve your own state of being; calm, sharpen or enhance your mind ; energise, optimise + strengthen your body functions. Or generally create more balance and positive vibes.

• Wake up before sunrise

• Scrape or brush tongue twice per day (morning and night)

. 1-2 Warm black sesame oil drops - nasal clearing or Neti pot.

. Practise Daily Sadhana

• Dry Skin brush before a bath or shower.

• Drink 2-3 litres water/day

. Reduce alcohol to certain occasions or Eliminate.

• Eliminate sugar and processed food

• Reduse caffeine + substances that agitate the nervous system.

. Eliminate wheat based pasta or wheat based breads. (choose organic sourdough spelt or kamut, buckwheat or pumpkin rice)

• Ensure adequate protein at each meal: organic fish or meats, tofu,Legumes, tempeh, eggs, natural yoghurt, super foods or clean protein powders in smoothies; seeds (chia, pumpkin. sunflower, sesame) .

• Ensure goods fats: Avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, coconut flesh, Ghee, flaxseeds, Fish, seeds, small handful soaked nuts (almonds, macadamias, brazil)

• Loads of vegetables! Follow the rainbow colours, organic fresh or lightly steamed.

• Vary selection of greens - sprouts, broccoli, spinach, kale, silver beet, bok choy, sprouts, dark green lettuce

. Ensure adequate IRON, ZINC, IODINE, MAGNESIUM, Vitamin B6 + 12, hormonal balance (eg Estrogen, progesterone ratios) probiotics and gut healing remedies (e.g Slippery Elm + other courses of herbs)


Full BLOOD PROFILE TESTS every year.


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