Course Teachers

Our heart centred teachers are industry professionals, devoted to yoga teaching, intensive training and yogic lifestyle practice.

Their freedom of spirit and generosity to share their wisdom and love of Yoga on and off the mat is truly genuine and inspiring.

Authentic and caring Yoga teachers that will guide you, support you and hold space for YOU.

Teachers that have chosen to shine their light ever so bright on this sacred Yoga path.

Madonna Williams

Madonna Williams

Madonna Williams - COURSE LEADER - Philosophy - Anatomy - technique

Madonna is the owner and principle teacher of Zen Soul Life, starting her first Yoga community on the Gold Coast in 2002. Madonna now supports a community of teachers providing Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga classes in various locations on the Gold Coast. She teaches on overseas training courses and runs Retreats currently in Byron Bay and Bali.

Recently Madonna’s studies are focused on Yoga Philosophy. In the past she has studied Bachelor levels in exercise and health science and at Post Graduate level in nutrition. She is a qualified Thai Shiatsu massage therapist and adds this sacred touch to her classes. Madonna is the author of ‘Zen Soul Your Life’, an A-Z guide on thoughts, foods and yoga postures.

“My heart expands when students share their positive experiences and how yoga classes shift their life perspective. My intention is always to guide students to nurture their body, uplift their spirit, feel grounded, connected and a deep sense of inner peace. I choose to guide the yoga experience to remind us to love, to forgive, be compassionate, focus, be resilient, be grateful and to remember who we truly are.” ~ Madonna

Lance Schuler

Lance Schuler

Dani Wiktorski

Dani Wiktorski

Kate Smyth

Kate Smyth

Lance Shuler - METHODOLOGY

Lance Schuler has been practising and living Yoga since he arrived with his wife Susan in Australia 35 years ago.

Lance teaches workshops and teacher trainings across the world from China to Europe and Australia.

“Yoga is the basis of awakening our self to a greater sense of personal wellbeing and the ability to live in harmony with ourselves and others.” ~ Lance


Dani Wiktorski - sequencing - Adjustments - elderly

Dani’s passion for health, fitness and spirituality was ignited at a young age. It has been this passion that has fuelled her eagerness to improve the vitality of her own mind, body and soul and inspire others to believe that they can do the same. It has guided her into a career of Personal Training and the teaching of Yoga and Lomi Lomi massage. Dani is always excited to have the opportunity to inspire people everyday, to gain more confidence and strength, to find clarity and peace and to feel more love and joy in their journey of life. 

My yoga classes are filled with a variety of fun dynamic Asanas, uplifting music, inspiring yoga teachings, peacefulness and smiles. All designed to calm your mind, heal your body and open your heart to ignite the happiness within you and for you to share with the world. “ ` Dani


katE smyth - kids yoga - communication - class management

Kate envisions a world where everyone has the knowledge and power to embody the true essence of yoga, on the mat and in their everyday lives. Where our community is brought together by common intentions of love, sustainability and respect.

Ever since Kate’s dad bought her a yoga video at the tender age of nine, she has been enthralled by the practice of yoga. Kate’s practice has deepened and become more consistent, strengthening and lengthening her body and expanding her mind, both on and off the mat.

“Yoga is at the core of my existence, inspiring me each precious moment to be more mindful. I am forever a student and love exploring both the physical asana practice of yoga along with the ancient philosophies and teachings this eternal science offers us.” ~ Kate