How often does your timetable change?
Our timetable is subject to change approximately every 4-6 weeks. Please check the Timetable page on our website for the current version. Our current classes are also available on the Mind Body Connect App.

What should I bring?
Please bring your own mat and water.  If you’re attending a Park class we recommend a small towel also. 

What types of Yoga do you offer?
Vinyasa, Hatha, Power and General.  Our experienced teachers will offer several versions of each posture and you can choose the level right for you.  They will also guide you on this making most of our Yoga classes suitable for beginners.

What is Barre Bhodi?
A Studio class where we combine the three disciplines of Yoga, Pilates and Ballet focusing on core strength by taking you through strong yet graceful movements.  

What type of Pilates do you offer?
We offer mat Pilates in our Studio.

When are meditation classes?
Some of our Studio classes combine Yoga and Meditation.  Please refer to our current Timetable to see what’s currently available.

How long do classes go for?
Most of our classes are 60 mins, but please check our current Timetable for exact information.

How much do classes cost?
Please refer to our current Class and Membership price list.

Where are you located?
We have three locations.  You can find details and helpful information here.

What classes are suitable for beginners?
Most of our classes are suitable for beginners as our teachers offer several versions of each posture and you can choose the level right for you.  They will also guide you.

Which classes are more advanced?
Our Pilates classes are more strenuous but can still be attended by beginners who are keen for a strong workout. 

Can I do a class if I’m pregnant?
The main thing to consider is not to overheat and stay well hydrated. Please also tell the teacher of each class that you are pregnant so they can provide alternative postures.   NO deep twisting. Avoid lying on back for extended periods. As your baby grows you will naturally adapt postures to create space for baby to fit into the postures.  As our timetable changes regularly we suggest you contact us so we can help you plan suitable classes.

How can I find out about your Workshops?
The best way to stay up to date with all the Zen Soul Life news is by following us on Facebook.

When is your next retreat and how do I book?
Madonna Williams facilitates several life changing Retreats each year.  Find our upcoming Retreat information here.

Do you have classes for children?
We offer classes for children aged 7-12 years as well as Toddler & Parents Classes.  You will find the current classes on our Timetable.

What if I have an injury or illness?
Please call Madonna on 0403 643 601 to discuss your personal circumstances.  If you have a membership we are happy to put it on hold while you recover.  To do this please email details to

Do you provide Yoga teacher Training? 
We will commence Yoga teacher training in 2016. Email us to be included in first course release dates. 

What types of massage do you offer? 
You’re sure to find a massage to suit your needs from our extensive menu.  Visit our Massage page for details.

What is Zen Thai Shiatsu? 
Zen Thai Shiatsu Massage draws from the respected healing traditions of Zen Shiatsu and Traditional Thai Massage.  Read more here.

What is Chakra Balancing?
Chakra Balance Massage is both cleansing and relaxing and leaves you feeling lighter and more joyous.