Empowering MOTHERS through childbirth and beyond


We’re so honoured when mothers share their journey with us at Zen Soul Life and we’re so in love with this beautiful mum! Her commitment to yoga and meditation for own nurture has been a rewarding experience. Her intention to spread that vibe to her beautiful babes is a precious gift to her family.

Why did you start Yoga?

I had had my first child and was wanting to get back into some exercise other than just walking, and have some “time-out” for me. I had done yoga previously and throughout my pregnancy where I previously lived. So, I started going along to the classes in the Paradise Point Parklands- which are beautiful under the big trees, looking out over the water.

How did Yoga help your pregnancy?

I attended ZSL yoga and particularly Restorative yoga classes throughout my 2nd pregnancy. Being a mum of a busy toddler, it was an hour to myself in the week where I could connect with my body and baby, clear my mind, stretch (preparing my hips!) and breathe. It was so calming as well as rejuvenating each week. It also helped me so much during the birth – I had a completely natural birth and I believe the breathing was the main thing that helped me cope with the contractions.

How does yoga help your life now with two young children?

It helps me to have some “time-out” especially for me each week when most of the days are very focused on my children and running the household. I always come home feeling calm, energised and positive – a necessity when looking after young children!

What are you looking forward to?

We plan to travel around Australia in a few years time with our 2 children! I also look forward to spending more time in nature, seeing live music as the children grow up and taking my yoga postures everywhere.

Other dreams and goals?

One day (when my children aren’t so dependent on me) I would love to attend one of the ZSL Retreats with Madonna and take my mum as well – they look wonderful. I also hope to continue on my path of maintaining good health for myself and my family, through yoga, eating and cooking healthily, swimming and meditation. I intend to raise two healthy, open-minded, kind, loving, genuine, respectful boys!

Thanks for sharing with us beautiful Louise!


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