Class Descriptions


Yoga is an ancient Indian practice uniting the physical body, the mind and your spiritual being. It can take you to heights and depths you’ve never known, drawing you inside to find your natural beauty, love and purpose. One of the nicest things about practicing yoga is that you take it at your own pace and comfort. There is no judgement on anyone’s level. You will always be surrounded by other loving, kind individuals who are there to be in the moment on their own mat. Our Tribe of teachers each bring their own unique style to class which will help you to find something new and wonderful each time you practice. They guide you at your own personal level with easy to understand directions that will help you achieve and develop each posture. Because of our individual approach we welcome all ages and levels of experience at each class. Our Beginners Class is also suitable for those returning to exercise after injury or anyone wanting to add yoga to their rehabilitation program. It is important that you always alert your teacher to any injuries or concerns you have before practice so they can guide you appropriately.

Basic class with simple instruction and gentle guidance. Great also for rehabilitation after injury.

'Ha' meaning sun and 'tha' meaning moon referring to the balance of masculine (active & hot) and feminine (receptive & cool) within all of us. Hatha yoga is a path to creating balance and uniting opposites. Postures shift from challenging (hot) to nurturing (cool).

this class is designed as an energising boost for motivation. Includes inversions, balances and optional partner postures.

A series of postures that will move you through the power of inhaling and exhaling. Vinyasa movements are smooth flowing and almost dance like.

Yin Yoga
Each class fosuses on a particular part of the body. Postures are hep for up to 5 minutes each to build strength of mind and body.

• Produces and maintains a healthy nervous system that positively affects your entire body!

• Promotes good sleeping patterns

• Helps prevent IBS and other digestive problems by moving waste through your system faster

• Gives you peace of mind by calming your thoughts and inner dialogue

• Helps ease migraines

• Increases your self-esteem

• Relieve pain

• Helps you find inner strength

• Builds awareness of your true self which can lead to personal transformation

• Encourages self-care

• All of the above can lead to more fun in the bedroom!

Yoga does so much good for your body including:

• Improves flexibility

• Builds muscle strength

• Protects and nourishes your spine

• Helps perfect your posture

• Help develop and maintain strong, healthy bones

• Increases your blood flow

• Drains your lymphs and boosts immunity

• Increases your heart rate which can help you achieve a healthy weight

• Decreases your blood pressure

• Regulates your adrenal glands

• Makes you happier by increasing your serotonin levels

• Improves your focus and memory

• Relaxes you by working on the parasympathetic nervous system

• Improves your balance


Our Meditation Classes provide a gentle, guided practice that enables you to transform your mind to create an inner calm even in difficult times. Most of us live a chaotic lifestyle and our minds are forever in a state of overload. With regular meditation you will learn techniques that encourage and develop concentration, clarity, emotional positivity, and peace in seeing the true nature of things. Meditation does require patience to achieve inner calm. But don’t be put off if you struggle to be patient as regular Mediation will naturally relax and create this state. With regular practice you will relax into a deep state of profound peace that will start to naturally occur when you’re off the mat also. It becomes part of who you are and you will see it benefit your personal relationships as you look at situations with a new clarity and calm. It can be transformational and life-changing. Some of the wonderful affects:

• Helps you appreciate the simple things

• Increases your attention span

• Improves your metabolism and can help you lose weight

• Your bran will function at a more optimal level

• You will sleep well and deeply

• Improves the way you relate to others

• Reduces stress

• Promotes healthy blood flow with deep breathing Lowers blood pressure

• Increases immunity to help fight disease

• Improves your ability to concentrate

• You can continue your practice at a home with only a few minutes each day

• Keeps you looking younger

• You will feel more connected and content


Our fun and interactive Kids Yoga Classes take place outdoors in the fresh air at Paradise Point Park. We help children learn how to release stress, focus their minds and enjoy life! Regular classes improve flexibility and strengthen young muscles. This class is suitable for young children aged 7 - 12 years . Your child will experience:

•Increased flexibility

• Better focus but with an inner calm

• Stronger large muscle groups such as legs and core

• They will feel more relaxed and stress free

• They will be more balanced

• Fun play increases blood flow and promotes feeling of joy, self-confidence and love of life


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