Madonna Williams is the owner and lead teacher for Zen Soul Life, a thriving Yoga community and Yoga Teacher Training academy based on the Gold Coast. Her experience includes Yoga teacher training programs in Australia, Bali and China and Mindfulness-Connection retreats in Bali and Byron Bay. 

Madonna is highly respected for her genuine nature, positive disposition, distinct creative style and spiritual teachings. Her yoga teaching is influenced by the traditions of Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini and also the modern approach to Yin and Mindfulness.

Madonna’s past studies and careers include Exercise-Health science, Nutrition and Personal Training. She is a Zen Thai Shiatsu massage therapist and qualified in the therapeutic use of pure essential oils.

Off the mat, Madonna continues to share mantras and philosophy in her book 'Zen Soul Your Life’ (2013) An inspirational guide to inspire mindfulness, yoga benefits and conscious food choices.

“Yoga is a unique healing system that guides your personal development and potential to reunite with your true nature. With regular practise, this expansion of internal awareness enriches a sense of inner freedom, authentic connections and genuine inspiration for life.” Madonna Williams



Holly Shelley

I would be lost without Madonnas wonderful yoga. I’ve done yoga in plenty of places and different countries with heaps different teachers but Madonna just soars above the rest! She was born to teach yoga in my opinion. There are a wonderful variety of classes on offer to make sure you tone up or relax. No matter which class I go to my day is automatically better and I float away on a cloud. Thank you Madonna!! She is someone very special, and I feel very privileged to be able to do so many of her yoga classes and be in her presence.


Mary, Hollywell

Without doubt Madonna is a very special person and we are lucky to have her as a yoga teacher at Paradise Point. I try to attend classes twice a week and they are always completely different but always challenging and interesting. I particularly appreciate her concern and interest she shows in each individual member of her classes and her ability to to help us to achieve our best. Thank you Madonna.

Laurie Babbage

When I first moved to Paradise Point 6 months ago I was very pleased to find Madonna’s yoga class. I soon realized that Madonna’s class was special. She is positive and confident with every posture and has a commitment that is well beyond what I had ever experienced. Not only has my fitness level improved, my spirit and inner wellbeing has as well. Madonna has helped me be more mindful about my thoughts and to be grateful and happy. After reading Madonna’s book “Zen Soul Your life”, I became more aware of my diet and alkalinity, and how I could improve my health and well being. Madonna puts her heart and soul into every class and I can see how she enhances each and every student’s life. Madonna has a special talent and I am blessed to have her as my mentor.’


New Homes Property

If you have been practising yoga for some time, you might be experiencing only half of the practice and just some of the many benefits that are available to you. Yin yoga is the other half…at least that is what it is for me. In fact, for me….it is the most important ‘half’. It is about finding your edge, listening to your body, letting go and controlling your monkey mind. It is not about breaking a sweat, it is about stretching your body beyond its normal range and nourishing your mind and gaining clarity. Yin yoga trains us to slow down, pay attention and listen to our body. It is an escape from my daily life. It is not so much about ‘doing’ but more about ‘being’. It is tuning in to my authentic self.

Madonna Williams has created a sanctuary for her yin yoga practise. It is a beautiful nurturing safe space that makes you feel instant bliss and peace as you enter the studio. It is the perfect environment, away from the pace of modern life, to escape to and be nurtured in.

Madonna and her team of teachers seem to know what their students ‘need’. Every practise is different and tailored to our needs. Each of the teachers are incredibly caring and enhance the practice with massage, body adjustments, music, and doterra oils. They create a yin ‘experience’ as opposed to a yin ‘class’.

Yin yoga is transformational and is a non negotiable diary date for me each and every week.


Leeanne Ivory – Wildfire International

My posture has improved out of sight, eliminated previous back and neck issues, not to mention the long lean muscle tone that comes with it. I can highly recommend any Yoga session or retreat with Madonna as she is not only an amazing mentor but a perfect specimen of what we all would like to become both physically and spiritually. Beautiful from the inside out, and a great inspiration to every woman who wants to be more.’


Annette Pearce – Director Sales Dreamworld Australia

As a busy Senior Manager in the Tourism Industry, is it great to have people like Madonna come into your life and part her knowledge in such a professional and life changing way! Madonna’s passion for a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance is infectious! I recommend to any business professional to spend time with this inspiring person.’


Linda Trickey – Memberhsip Manager. Sanctuary Cove Country Club

Participating in Madonna’s Yoga class is simply a beautiful experience. Her class is a complete journey of strength, flexibility and enjoyment allowing an increased sense of self awareness and confidence in all areas of my life. Madonna offers so much knowledge, passion and dedication in her classes and I am very appreciative of all the extra touches she brings to personalizing her classes – candles, aromatherapy, massage and the singing chant to end the class on a very special note

Lina Roth

I can’t wait to fully immerse myself into your book over the holidays. I love being your class and I love how you make me feel afterwards….spiritually energised.

Jan Nicholls Ruffles Lodge, Qld

Over the years I have experienced many different yoga classes but Madonna’s classes are the best! It is so obvious how passionate she is about all aspects of yoga. From week to week her classes vary, they are never boring and her explanations of the poses are very easy to follow. I look forward every Friday to her class at Sanctuary Cove.

Michelle Ross Ivanhoe, Melbourne

Madonna’s philosophy, style and the way she lives her life are in harmony. I adore her and know when I take a class with her that I leave that class a better person for having been in her beautiful presence.’


Tracy Willis Marketing Manager Gwinganna Lifestyle

Madonna brings a gift to her presentations, she speaks with calmness and from the heart. Her willingness to share her experiences creates an inspiring message that will uplift an audience and bring focus to the lifestyle choices we make every day.

John Soba Internal Sales Manager

 For my fist ever yoga session I was amazed of the positive energy. Full credit to Madonna.

Andrew Wall WA Account Manager

Madonna is a true professional and evident she takes her business and the well being of her clients seriously. Good times.

Phil Ross Managing Director

The experience was truly unique. Majority of the participants had not been previously exposed to Yoga. The overall feedback I received from the team was very positive, you haven’t definitely changed the mindset of most. Madonna, you are very talented at what you do, thank you for a different experience but one that was worthwhile. ‘


Kirsty White , Melbourne

What an inspiration you are! You glow!! Thank you for a really terrific yoga/mediation session. It was thoroughly enjoyable and I could have participated for even longer, the time flew by. I left feeling so much more balanced and present, positive and productive. Your workshop works!! Thank You!


John and Noni Calleija

‘I would just like to say on behalf of my wife Noni and our 6 year old daughter how much we look forward and enjoy our yoga sessions with you each week , my wife has been a fan of yoga for years but just hasn’t been practicing it of late as ” life” got in the way but we have found when we make the time life falls into place with much greater ease , we just feel so much better in both our minds and bodies . You just have so much great knowhow in your field it so great for us to be able to benefit from that. Yoga and massage with Madonna is just the best , we’d be lost without it. Thanks Madonna.’


Jackie (Gold Coast)

The flow of the class surprised me. I thought the class title ‘A-Zen’ would mean a bit of start and stop but this was not the case and the time flew by because I enjoyed it so much. I found the postures challenging enough without being too difficult. I was trying to guess what the next posture in the alphabet might be which made it more fun. As the class went on my flexibility improved pushing me even further than I expected. You set the tone right from the beginning by explaining what the body may experience which I found encouraging. The speed of the class is perfect for getting the postures correct. I never once felt rushed or confused. I appreciated how much effort would have gone into getting the instruction to the high standard that you deliver. The waterfront location sets a calm and relaxed vibe. I enjoyed the fact there are no distractions other than the odd tinny and beautiful dolphin. The background was perfect for putting you into focus so that it was easy to view each posture. I felt a sense of accomplishment, happy and calm. This feeling stayed with me until the next day.

Heidi (Melbourne)

I did your Yoga video today! After 10 days of no exercise it was such a welcome relief! I think I cried from D-H, had a lot to let go of or acknowledge! One doesn’t get to cry it out in class usually so that was really liberating. Namaste!


Anne-Maree Johnson New Homes Property Centre

Your Zen Soul Your Life book is a great A-Z tool and has assisted me in understanding the yoga poses and your recipes have inspired me to create delicious meals and to really enjoy this lifestyle change. With love, appreciation and gratitude for YOU!

Maureen Trainor Photographer

“WOW ….What a fantastic achievement Madonna, Love love love your book! The positive affirmations and outlook towards life rocks”

Laurie Babbage

After reading Madonna’s book “Zen Soul Your life”, I became more aware of my diet and alkalinity, and how I could improve my health and well being. Madonna puts her heart and soul into every class and I can see how she enhances each and every student’s life. Madonna has a special talent and I am blessed to have her as my mentor.’

Aimee Ley

“Your beautiful words spoke to me and I love how you have laid the info out in manageable bite-size bits for easy reading. You have really created something amazing and I just know that I am going to read Zen Soul Your Life over and over again like I do my other favourite books.”

Holly Wakefield

Thank you!! I am very inspired by your book. I’m not generally very adventurous with concerns to food but i came in with an open mind and i loved it!! I think your attitude to life and your principles are very inspiring. And my friend and i had to note how glowing you skin looked. I want to be that healthy!

Lisa Brown Designer
Zen Soul Your Life by Madonna Williams….the book we’re all reading at the moment at Lisa Brown, so inspiring!!”

Michelle Giordano Ross

‘Madonna William’s zest for life, life experience and intuition are the heart and soul of her book, Zen Soul Your Life. The knowledge and wisdom shared on each page made me read the book from cover to cover but hers is not the kind of book you simply read once and put on your bookshelf. I now savour a page a day as part on my morning meditation ritual. I read, reflect, do the yoga postures and open my heart to the concepts of love, joy, passion. The recipes are delicious and my body feels nourished when I practice conscious eating. This book not only inspires me to be the best ME I can be but the daily practices make me feel grounded and at peace with myself. Thank you Madonna Williams for sharing your insights.’